Nazarene Amictus|Tyrian Pieces Of Silver


Tyrian Silver Coins is inspired by the relics of betrayal by the disciple Judas. Despite it’s controversial element, good news is, without the betrayal, there wouldn’t be salvation. So YES, it is Ok to relate with art inspired by the story of disciple Judas. Fashionably, we put together a theory about the polka dot fabric and the coin. Research shows that the polka dot came about the large coin sized Thaler; a currency of German-speaking Europe until the late 1800s, similar to ancient Rome, Tyrian Silver shekel; coins of tyre regarded as medium of payment in exchange or equivalent to religious duties. Tyrian silver coins is a light mesh type fabric, tailored to give a loose fit and produces great comfort. The ready to wear overly long sleeved polka dot garment, is flattered with an silver sequin scarf, giving meaning to the silver properties of the Tyrian shekel. Also around the waist is an inner lined rope, representing the object of torment relief. The Tyrian Silver Coins is featured as a collection for Spring/Summer.

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