Nazarene Amictus | Earth Velvet


Going for that sumptuous, sensually soft, and uncommonly sophisticated renaissance look, filled with the richness of royalty is the thoughtfully constructed beautiful Nazarene Earth Velvet gown of rich velvet fabric prided with ornaments and synthetic leaves. Earth Velvet receives its inspiration from both earth and plants as essential to our existence. Another reference of inspirations is from the book of Ezekiel 31:9, Genesis 2:16-18, Genesis 3:6, which emphasis in Ezekiel, the Extraordinaire,   beautifulness and enviable state of the tree while also laying emphasis on the fruit of knowledge and wisdom of the tree that fell on the woman in Genesis. The Earth Velvet is an impeccable flattering garment for your best evening parties, red carpet events, including award ceremonies, balls and gala’s.


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