Nazarene Amictus is inspired by ancient scriptural texts. In Roman antiquity, amictus is any upper garment, like a mantle or cloak: a general term in English for outer garment; clothing, garb; fashion; manner of dress; drapery. Our fashion is ancient yet modern which relates to significant events of early years of Christendom that shaped our way of life and spiritual truth. Nazarene Amictus dates back to early century BC and modeled to suit recent fashion trends. The Nazarene clothing brand is reflective of the period of ancient Roman rule, which is indicative in the Nazarene logo – “the ancient Roman Helmet”. More importantly, is the artistic use of 3 crucifixion nails to capture the alphabet “N” in Nazarene, also significant of ancient Rome’s cruelty in the crucifixion.

Behind the art of Nazarene amictus, scriptural texts and religious ideologies were to a large extent artistically interpreted and depicted in fashion style. To achieve this, the basic understanding of patterns and colors, composition of materials and application of the right skill of assemblage were researched and applied. It was however imperative to use fine textiles of early civilization such as raw linen, papyrus, sackcloth, velvet, silk, animal skin and vegetation spun to produce a likewise and relatable ancient garment. Nazarene Amictus has a traditional feel but unique in style and most of all exhumes a powerful aura when worn.


•To appreciate the thought process in the application of common sense in creating garments of extreme simplicity, defined by the technicality and ingenuity behind tailoring.
•To re-create time and characters with the right attitude is what we deliver by combining rawness with the exquisite look.


Nazarene Amictus is non-secular. Our style is powered by a combination of choice traditional textiles, handmade knitting and tailoring. As a brand, our mission is to create antiques from a dozen sets [12] of limited production clothes significant of the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 calendar months that is never to be re-created or its fabric reused in later times. Our garments are tailored properly and hand knitted or seamed to create a shabby and friction effect around the neck and sleeves thus producing a likewise ancient clothing of early century BC. 

Our clothing style is extended to all classes but limited to a select few who are bold and fearless as well as those that seek fashion exclusivity. By creating a class tree, it becomes more difficult to satisfy many. The number for each collection is very limited and the concept of each collection is one off. Pre-order is available within the shortest timeframe. Repetition of designs and fabric is forbidden thus making research and art design exigent towards the selection of fabrics and expression of designs.


Our fashion theme is in alignment with the liturgical doctrine and provides the structure for our fashion collections. The theme explains the clothing style and the texture of fabric to be used or worn. 

Our season collections are modeled and promoted as:

1. The Epiphany Theme for Fall and Winter Season

2. The Passion Theme for Spring and Summer Season.